Why Recognize your Staff and Customers

With the end of Halloween, we have officially started the season of giving and recognizing those who are important. While you are creating your list, please add these to it: your employees and your customers.


This time of year tends to be crazy in both personal lives and in professional; last minute requests coming in, getting that perfect project completed before the craziness of the holidays. Many hours are put in and great work is produced. Reminding your employees that they matter and that their time and effort are appreciated, especially during this time, will go a very long way with employee satisfaction. Recognizing them will let them know that you see them, you see the work they have been doing all year, and you appreciate it.


Letting your customers know that you see them as people and not just a dollar sign will bring your relationship with your customers to another level. This level will make your relationship be more of a partnership; a partnership that will result in more work…a win for you and a win for the client.


A great way to show your appreciation and promote your company, is by giving your employees and clients a gift with the company’s logo on it. When an employee is appreciated, recognized, and thanked; they will have company pride and will be more likely to carry the gift for all to see. Same with the client, when they are happy, they will use your gift and promote your company. Example, a coffee travel mug, this is useful for everyone and can start conversations, which could lead to more business. Depending on the gift, and your budget, you can even get these personalized with their names, to really add a level of appreciation to your clients and employees.


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